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of communications and marketing executives whose CEO has spoken out say the activism had a positive impact on their company reputation

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Aspiring & Transitioning CEOs

A Proactive Approach to Your Reputation

CEO reputation is a key factor for successful companies. Admired and trusted CEOs attract top talent, win new customers and clients, earn the company the benefit of the doubt in a crisis, and attract quality investors. So when the search is on for a new CEO, search firms and board committees are looking for candidates that will engender confidence right from the start.

Unknown candidates bring uncertainty. As an aspiring or transitioning CEO, you can make yourself the obvious choice by proactively defining your reputation as a leader, rather than leaving what people think of you up to chance.

Beyond being great at your job, there are things you can do to put yourself on the radars of a hiring committee or make the final decision a little bit easier. This isn’t about crass self-promotion. It’s about building your personal reputation so that it will add value to a company’s reputation. Think of getting the top job as a nice bonus.

What We Do

If you’re currently on the short list for the top job where you work, we can work together to build a case for the company to invest in building your reputation, and a strategy that enhances your reputation to the mutual benefit of you and your employer.

We also run small group sessions to help those 3-5 years from the top job develop a personal reputation strategy.

If you’ve left a CEO role under difficult circumstances or been passed over for the top job, we will build a strategy to address any perceived weaknesses or reputational damage to help get you onto people’s radar for the dream job.