CEO Interview Debrief & Assessment

Fast and Detailed Feedback on Your Latest Interview

Delivering a great media interview is a skill – one that can be built over time with practice, preparation, and rigorous debriefs. But it’s not always easy to get an honest opinion on your performance. Your team might not feel comfortable telling you the truth, or might not have a strong enough media background to pick out the finer details.

I can help.

Send me the interview clip or coverage, a recording of the raw interview if available, along with any preparation materials such as key messaging or Q&A, and receive an independent assessment of how well your interview went.

You’ll get a written report (and a follow up call, if desired) that evaluates how you “showed up,” what went well, what didn’t and tips for improvement.

For PR professionals, crisis teams and boards of directors, you may find this useful as a way to start a conversation with a spokesperson (does not need to be the CEO) who thinks they are doing well, but has a lot of room to improve. We can do this without the CEO’s direct involvement, if desired, as an input into your coaching.

About the Trainer

Cheryl has conducted media training sessions for hundreds of executives across government, technology, law, financial services, and consumer products companies. She previously led the media training offering for Edelman in Toronto. She brings 360-experience to media training: she’s been the reporter, she’s been the interview subject. As in-house communications and reputation lead for a publicly traded company, she’s prepared the CEO and CFO for interviews, analyst calls, AGMs, investor meetings and employee town halls for the full range of corporate events.

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