of Millennials believe that the CEOs of large companies should use their position and potential influence to advocate on behalf of social, environmental, or political issues they care about personally

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Retired CEOs

Sustain and Deploy CEO Reputation in Retirement

Free of the constraints of CEO life (shareholders, competitors, time) the retired CEO has a unique opportunity to put needed business expertise and influence towards societal good.

Created to mobilize an underused and undervalued Canadian leadership asset — retired CEOs — we can help you advocate for the cause you want to leave your mark on. Our offering helps retired CEOs and directors to both inspire and agitate for a better future for everyone.

What We Do

We work with retired CEOs and other leaders who want to stay involved in the national discussion, maintain and build their personal networks and define what they want to be known for in post-retirement.

If we’re successful together, you can build (or rehabilitate) your personal reputation, define your legacy, keep your name top of mind for paid engagements (board roles, advisory panels), maintain your network and build new relationships, and contain the demands on your time in a strategic way.

Together we will:
  • Define what you want to be known for
  • Build the strategy to get there
  • Pull together an executable plan based on parameters you set (time, budget, strengths)
  • Create the thought leadership and events and write the speeches
  • Build partnerships with like-minded organizations and people

We will develop a plan for what you want to focus on and achieve. We help with sifting through inbound requests for speeches and panel participation, advisory boards, etc., while focusing on creating the opportunities that will have an impact. Tactical support on speaking engagements, speech and opinion writing, social media presence, and media relations.