CEO Hot Seat Training

Media and Communications Training For the CEO or C‑Suite Executive

By the time you reach the CEO role, you’ve likely completed a media training session and handled enough interviews to feel competent, if not exceptional. But as CEO, the most important media interviews are often driven by milestone events that mean your whole day will be focused on communications — with employees, customers and clients, competitors and shareholders.

Whether it’s your quarterly earnings release, a rounds of layoffs, an M&A event, or your first day on the job, consistently delivering your message to all of your stakeholders in the tone and language that each expects is critical to building and maintaining their trust.

The CEO Hot Seat Training session is bespoke to your context and experience level; we get right to the heart of the matter without unnecessary preamble. We use simulations to prepare you for the whole suite of communications that come with the major events in your company’s evolution. You will use the message-delivery techniques honed in this session to consistently tell your story with stronger media interviews, analyst calls, employee town halls, and investor meetings.

About the Trainer

Cheryl has conducted media training sessions for hundreds of executives across government, technology, law, financial services, and consumer products companies. She previously led the media training offering for Edelman in Toronto. She brings 360-experience to media training: she’s been the reporter, she’s been the interview subject. As in-house communications and reputation lead for a publicly traded company, she’s prepared the CEO and CFO for interviews, analyst calls, AGMs, investor meetings and employee town halls for the full range of corporate events.

CEO Hot Seat Training will help you to:

  • Refresh your memory on techniques for delivering your message
  • Stress test your readiness for key communications risks
  • Rehearse for a critical upcoming announcement or looming crisis
  • Privately put you through your paces
  • Prepare for the “unfair” questions you dread
  • Follow up with your team on vulnerability preparedness.

All sessions include:

  • Interview and call simulations with immediate feedback and recorded for future use
  • Relevant interview scenarios and messaging
  • Summary report with recommendations

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