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Those who believe CEOs should take the lead on change rather than waiting for government to impose it

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Current CEOs

Harness the Power of the Role for Mutual Benefit

The expectations of the CEO have changed. Your employees expect you to advocate for them. Your customers expect you to contribute to society. Shareholders, even, are expecting a different sort of leadership. You have the opportunity to effect change, define your personal reputation, and create value for your company.

As with aspiring CEOs, the current CEO needs to think about how personal reputation affects your ability to attract top talent, win new clients and customers, work with shareholders and earn governmental trust. Strong corporate performance is table stakes. Investing in building your reputation while making change will pay dividends across your stakeholders.

What We Do

That matrix of expectations can be hard to meet in an authentic way – but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Together we will set a target to act in a meaningful way that makes change, demonstrates leadership, builds trust and contributes to shareholder value. It can start with a simple act.

Our plan for working together focuses on a drum beat of manageable steps that fit into the reality of your day, and ensures that your leadership initiatives are relevant across audiences.

Executive Act is a great fit for CEOs who want to co-create a plan and are willing to make the time. CEO reputation strategy can’t be successfully delegated, so we work best with companies without a large in-house PR team.